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Neurosurgeons in Rutherford

201 Route 17 North, Suite 501
Rutherford, NJ 07070
Advanced Neurosurgery Associates (ANA) offers compassionate care in conjunction with innovative medicine for neurological conditions and disorders, including epilepsy, hydrocephalus and pediatric/adult brain tumors. Our Rutherford branch, the sixth ANA office, is the hub of our growing institute.

Our Surgeons

Arno H. Fried, MD, FACS, FAANS Mostafa El Khashab, MD, PhD, FACS

Allison M. Rathmann, DO

Vivek Ramakrishnan, DO 

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Our Services

As neurosurgeons, our primary duty is the evaluation and treatment of mild and severe traumatic brain injuries, rendering concussion treatment an integral part of our care. We diagnose and treat concussions swiftly and effectively.

Craniofacial Disorders
ANA is comprised of highly trained surgeons supported by an incredibly skilled team of health care professionals in pediatric and adult care who can diagnose and treat craniofacial disorders.

ANA offers complete and compassionate care for epileptic adults and children. As part of our customized care, we educate, diagnose and treat all patients with epilepsy.

Although the cause and cure are unknown, hydrocephalus is manageable. At ANA, we are committed to the most comprehensive care for those afflicted with the build up of cerebrospinal fluid on the brain and spine.

Spine Disorders and Diseases
Although spine disorders differ from childhood to adulthood, ANA has the expertise to effectively diagnose and treat both with our advanced surgical solutions.

Tumors of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System
At ANA, our staff can provide children and adults with comprehensive knowledge, accurate diagnosis, expert second opinions, and customized treatment plans for tumors of the nervous system.

Rutherford Location

Our Rutherford office is the largest and most expansive of all the ANA facilities. Located in the heart of East Rutherford, NJ, the complex has views of the New York City skyline and Metlife Stadium. The facility allows all of our surgeons to see patients simultaneously within the seven patient consult/exam rooms. The newly built floor plan also includes a specially designed waiting room with a 200-gallon tropical fish tank and imported wood furnishings as well as a children’s play area fit for all ages with assorted toys and games.

Patients and their families can both appreciate an efficient intake area and a consultation lounge for family counseling with multiple specialists. Onsite amenities include a spa-like rest and relaxation room with aromatics and aquatic therapy. In addition, there is a kitchen/cafeteria located within the office and a business café located in the main lobby of the complex with assorted salad bars, a hot grill and a cook-to-order stir-fry station.

Our office is right off of Route 17 North and in close proximity to Route 3 and other major highways, allowing for easy access to residents in New York City and Bergen County. For additional convenience, we are only minutes away via public transit for our Bergen County patients.