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Neurosurgeons in New Brunswick

303 George St. Suite 420
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Advanced Neurosurgery Associates (ANA) provides comprehensive care for a wide range of neurological conditions for adults and children. Representative of our family-centered health care, our New Brunswick office is specially designed for children and family comfort. For children, it includes a playroom in the waiting area and toys in every exam room. Adults have a separate waiting room where they can relax and watch TV.

Our Surgeons

Arno H. Fried, MD, FACS, FAANS Mostafa El Khashab, MD, PhD, FACS

Allison M. Rathmann, DO

Vivek Ramakrishnan, DO 

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Our Services

Craniofacial Disorders
Craniofacial surgery is a subspecialty involving the reconstructive treatment of face and skull disorders. ANA offers surgical solutions to diagnose and treat craniofacial disorders.

At ANA, our highly skilled neurosurgeons diagnoses and treats concussions with immediacy and efficiency. We also help educate and ensure that our pediatric and adult patients avoid head traumas in the future.

For adults and children with epilepsy, ANA offers compassionate and comprehensive explanation, diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

Hydrocephalus is the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid on the brain and spine. It can affect children and adults. Although there is no known cure, it is manageable and ANA is committed to the most comprehensive care for those afflicted with hydrocephalus.

Spine Disorders and Diseases
From pediatric to geriatric spine disorders, ANA has the expertise to effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of spine issues.

Tumors of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System
A tumor of the nervous system is an extremely severe type of tumor for adults and the most common type of solid tumor in children. At ANA, our staff can provide both children and adults with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options.

New Brunswick Location

Our new office space in New Brunswick, NJ is approximately 3400 square feet accommodating multiple physicians/patients at once within its three traditional exam rooms and a consult room. A conference area allows for our patients and their families to meet with multiple specialists as we frequently provide a team approach with collaborating physicians to provide the best level of care.

Our playroom features a magnetic chalkboard wall as well as a variety of toys and games for all ages including a mock exam room and costumes so our aspiring physicians can “play doctor.” We have found this to break the barrier and ease all fears in pediatric doctor-patient-relationships.

Family members and adult patients have a separate waiting area furnished for relaxation and stress relief. Feel free to kickback, relax and watch TV and help yourself to refreshments while you wait.

Photos of actual patients of our New Brunswick office line the walls as gifts we have received over the years and also include members of our favorite support staff and specialty teams at Saint Peter’s Hospital located nearby. The office is just east of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. It is within close proximity to Route-18, making it easily accessible to major roadways.