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Lenn BrownLenn Brown was an active 13-year-old boy, enjoying life on the soccer field and the basketball court in his native Rockaway, New Jersey. It was during a soccer game, however, after a scramble with the goalkeeper and a subsequent fall, that the world suddenly “flip flopped”. According to Brown, “It looked like the ground was in the sky and the sky was on the ground.”


He recovered on the sideline and felt fine until it happened again a month later playing basketball. The dizzy spells increased over time, even when he lay flat in bed. He was forced to sleep with several pillows to elevate his head. He repeatedly complained to his parents that surely something was wrong.


Eventually, doctors’ appointments led to diagnostic tests. An initial CT scan showed nothing wrong, but an MRI revealed an entirely different story. Following the MRI, his doctor told Brown and his parents that they needed to see Dr. Arno Fried “right away”.

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