ANA Hosts Lecture Dinner in Morristown, NJ Discussing Pediatric Brain Tumors

Dr. Fried Introduction
Dr. Arno Fried introduced the ANA invitational event for area pediatricians and neurologists. The dinner and presentation, entitled Pediatric Brain Tumors, was held on Thursday, May 22, 2014 and attended by a ‘full house’ in Morristown, NJ. Dr. Fried explained the ANA practice, including the latest edition, its 7th office, located in Morristown. The focus on the evening included the essential collaborative process—which is a core aspect of neurosurgery and of the ANA philosophy. Presenters included Dr. Steven Halpern, a colleague of the ANA practice, who spoke on CNS tumors (Central Nervous System), which comprise 25 percent of childhood cancers. Dr. Halpern is the Director of the Goryeb Children’s Hospital at the Morristown Medical Center, which offers comprehensive services for children with cancer and blood disorders.

Dr. Daniels
Dr. Lawrence Daniels, III, provided a slide presentation with explanations of surgical procedures for pediatric brain tumors, including a video on Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) diversion. CSF is a clear fluid constantly produced by the brain and spine.CSF leaks that occur at the time of brain surgery require careful repair.

ANA Staff
The Morristown invitational event was well represented by the ANA staff including (left to write), Dr. Arno Fried, Theresa M. Gabay, Dr. Lawrence Daniels, III, Iliana Rodriguez, Jennifer Battiato, Dr. Mostafa El Khashab, Heather Meller, and Mailyn Rodriguez.