ANA Opens New Office in New Brunswick

image1Advanced Neurosurgery Associates (ANA) is proud to announce the opening of its newest office in New Brunswick. The seventh ANA office, located at 303 George Street, Suite 420, is convenient to Saint Peter’s Hospital and to ANA’s expanding patient base in the area.

Although ANA previously had office space in New Brunswick, it has relocated to the new, expanded site. The new office, comprising 3,400 square feet, is designed to accommodate multiple doctors working at the same time. It includes three traditional examination rooms and a room for consultations. It also includes a conference room so the physicians and the staff can consult on our patients with a team of specialists. This is part of our collaborative approach, in which we provide the best care for our patients as a team.

Atmosphere is also important. Many studies have confirmed the impact of the medical environment on a patient’s sense of calm, and on healthy outcomes. The new ANA office is open, especially the reception area, to create a more inviting, reassuring and comfortable atmosphere.

Said the ANA founder Dr. Arno Fried: “We are excited and gratified to open this facility, which accommodates our state-of-the-art care. It is also important that it has close proximity to St. Peter’s Hospital.”

According to the ANA Physician Assistant Jennifer Battiato:“We wanted to create a warm, homey feeling for our patients. Much of the artwork is, in fact, pictures of our New Brunswick patients. We wanted future patients to know that while they may be suffering with aliments now, there are happy endings. And the smiling faces they see in the office are a reflection of that.”

To facilitate the comfort of ANA pediatric patients, the office includes a playroom for children, and toys in every exam room. Adults have a separate waiting room in which to relax and watch TV. Refreshments will also be available.