Bella Was a Chatty Tomboy. Then Doctors Found Something Mysterious In Her Brain.

bella's brain tumor

One day while Melissa Caminiti was at work in downtown Hackensack, she received a phone call from the nurse at Parkway Elementary School in Paramus. Something was wrong with her daughter Bella’s brain, the nurse said. Could Caminiti pick her up immediately?

Caminiti left her office, where she works as an assistant to Jim Tedesco, the Bergen County executive. She drove 9 miles to the school. Bella, who was 7 at the time, is normally the chatty tomboy in class, always looking for her next opportunity to make a joke.

But now, after a seizure that rendered her briefly unconscious, Bella was tired and quiet.

“I was very upset,” said Caminiti, 49. “But I was trying to stay calm, because I don’t want her to be worried.”

Caminiti drove Bella to the office of a pediatrician, who saw nothing wrong, and suggested a neurologist.

Then doctors found something mysterious in her brain.

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