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What You Should Know About Concussions

As part of the public discussion —which includes scientific research findings— I have watched the issue of concussions publicized and debated. An outcry has led to better awareness and some protective measures, but the culture still needs to catch up.


A Steady Presence Sees Family Through Moyamoya Disease

When she started kindergarten, Katherine experienced small delays, but then seemed to catch up. However, when she got upset or frustrated, her mother noticed there was some dragging of her right leg. That turned out to be a warning sign. Ultimately, in the first grade, Katherine had a stroke. Taken by ambulance to the hospital, she was subsequently diagnosed with moyamoya disease.


Epilepsy Affects Even the Biggest Stars

Have you ever wondered what Lil Wayne, Elton John, Danny Glover and Alexander the Great all have in common? If you were thinking they all have great musical abilities, or that they could potentially rule the world, that’s not a bad guess. But they actually all have epilepsy, a condition that affects nearly 125,000 Americans per year.


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): A Topic of Our Times

Although it has existed seemingly forever, traumatic brain injury—commonly referred to as TBI—has become a familiar contemporary topic. One reason is the phenomenon of its impact on the military and in football.


Zika Virus and Its Impact on Brain Defects

Whether it regards Miami, Puerto Rico or the Olympics in Brazil, the publicity and understandable anxiety caused by the outbreak of the Zika virus cannot be denied. In particular, the fear of Zika-related brain birth defects has been the topic of regularly breaking news, creating an atmosphere of caution and concern.