Dr. Arno Fried Conducts Grand Rounds at Hoboken University Medical Center

Arno-FriedDr. Arno Fried conducted pediatric Grand Rounds on April 8, 2015, at Hoboken University Medical Center, speaking about spinal and cranial dysraphism, including tethered cord syndrome.

Dysraphism is the defective fusion of a raphe (a groove, ridge, or seam in an organ or tissue), typically marking the line where two halves fused in the embryo, particularly of the neural folds. Tethered cord syndrome is a complication of spinal dysraphism, which is ten times more common than cranial dysraphism. Neural tube defects (NTDs), such as those caused by dysraphism, are the second most common severe disabling human congenital defect.

Grand Rounds are an important teaching tool and ritual of medical education and inpatient care, consisting of presenting medical problems and issues and treatment for patients. The audience consists of doctors, residents and medical students. Over the years, Dr. Fried has completed a number of Grand Rounds, many of which have focused on the topic of tethered cord syndrome.