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Dr. Arno Fried Featured in Article on Youth Concussions in Sports

Dr. Arno Fried was recently featured in a major article in the Asbury Park Press. The piece in this daily paper was titled “Understand risks of concussions in youth sports” and included valuable information from Fried regarding concussions in youth athletes.

Dr. Fried has a unique viewpoint that avoids sounding the “alarm bell” in favor of sounding the “school bell” — that is, with the goal of educating young people and their families on recognizing concussions and determining the importance of when to return to play. As a neurosurgeon whose focus is the brain, and the father of two grown sons who played college sports, Dr. Fried has a rare exercise in this topic.

The article was published after three high school football players suddenly died in football-related events in three different states. While the exact cause of death wasn’t publicized at the time, head injuries were suspected. Last year, a study by the Institute of Medicine found that high school football players are twice as likely to suffer concussions than even those in college. The deaths added to the controversial discussion of concussions in youth sports.


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