Epilepsy – Recovery

Epilepsy surgery is a major neurosurgery. Some risk is associated with it and there is some mild discomfort afterward. The recovery period varies for each individual. The hospital stay also varies, depending on the specific procedure performed. Most people can resume normal activities 2 to 8 weeks after the operation.  It is critical for the patient and family to have realistic expectations of the results of the surgery. After surgery, some patients become completely seizure-free and some have no improvement at all. Many people fall between these extremes, having fewer seizures or seizures that are less intense, or they require less medication. Most people who do become seizure-free after surgery must continue to take seizure medicines to prevent breakthrough seizures. Although seizures may be greatly reduced or totally controlled following surgery, a number of patients report periods of depression during the adjustment period and it appears that the greatest benefit accrues to those whose seizures are completely controlled.