ANA’s Dr. Fried to Conduct Zufall Grand Rounds: Head Trauma & Concussion

Arno-FriedDr. Arno Fried has been selected as a guest speaker and will conduct grand rounds as part of the, “Primary Care Principles” series at the Zufall Wellness Center in Morristown, New Jersey on Friday, June 5th, 2015. Residents will learn about head trauma and concussion from the pediatric and adult neurosurgeon with over 28 years experience in the field. Dr. Fried’s focus will include the patho-physiology of the most common causes of head traumas and concussions, outlining the latest evidence for management options for treating such injuries. Participants will be able to identify conditions and factors associated with the immediate and long-term adverse outcomes due to concussion and head trauma that mandate referral to a neurosurgeon and other neurological specialists as part of ANA’s collaborative approach with area physicians to provide the best possible treatment for patients throughout New Jersey and New York.