A Second Opinion—Medical Guidance and Emotional Support

At Advanced Neurosurgery Associates (ANA), we understand the emotional impact of being diagnosed and living with a neurological condition. We have guided thousands of patients and their families through this journey, helping them sort through the maze of information that must be absorbed and the difficult decisions that must be made.

Neurosurgery is arguably the most complex of all medical fields. That’s why you deserve a second opinion. Whether it’s to clarify a diagnosis or treatment, to do your “due diligence” or simply for peace of mind, a second opinion is a standard practice in our field. Don’t hesitate or be intimidated to get a second opinion. In fact, your current doctor should accept and even welcome this request.

At ANA, we routinely get requests for second opinions. When you come to us, our job is to ensure you are well-informed, confident and comfortable with your diagnosis and/or treatment. Our goal is education, providing medical recommendations and emotional reassurance.

Why ANA for a Second Opinion?

With almost 60 years of combined experience, we are renowned in our field, providing world-class care for a wide range of neurological conditions affecting both adults and children. We are known locally, nationally and globally for our unparalleled expertise and highest standard of care. Combining experience and compassion with the latest research and technology in neurological medicine, we understand the particular circumstances—medical, psychological and emotional—of the second opinion process.

Ready for a Second Opinion?

 Upon contacting ANA, our staff will assist you with everything you need for a second opinion appointment. We recommend you be as prepared as possible and suggest the following:

  • Speak to your physician about your intention to request a second opinion
  • Bring all medical records to your appointment, in addition to your imaging results (e.g., actual films or CDs of your MRI, CT, X-rays images)
  • Come with any and all questions and concerns (write them down prior to the appointment, if that proves helpful)
  • Bring a friend or family member for support and information-gathering
  • Bring a notebook (or have the person who accompanies you take notes)

We look forward to offering you our assistance. Contact us to make an appointment or visit us at ana-neurosurgery.com to read more about our practice.