how IT affects spine surgery

Vivek Ramakrishnan Discusses How IT Will Affect Spine Surgery

ANA’s spine specialist, Dr. Vivek Ramakrishnan (DO, FACOS, FACS), gave his perspective in a collaborative article in Becker’s Spine Review on how health IT will affect spine surgery in 2019.

He wrote: “I am most excited to see the expansion of robotic guidance tools in 2019. While the idea of robotic guidance is certainly not new, the interfaces, machinery and overall surgeon experience have greatly improved in the last year and certainly will continue to flourish this year. We have seen various companies come out with their own versions of robotic-spine tools, and I would expect that to increase this year.

I am also looking forward to how robotic spine surgery ties in with a stronger push for surgeons and OR staff to make the long-overdue effort to try and reduce X-ray load on patients as well as themselves. New 3D navigation, coupled with decreased radiation and improved instrumentation placement with the help of robotics, is most definitely the future of spine surgery and makes me excited about the upcoming year!”

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