ANA Hosts Morristown Lecture and Discussion on Pediatric Craniofacial Issues

Dr. Arno Fried (left) and Dr. Frank Ciminello

Dr. Arno Fried (left) and Dr. Frank Ciminello

The event, presented by Advanced Neurosurgery Associates (ANA), was held at the Grand Café in Morristown. The dinner discussion was part of ANA’s continued commitment to connect to those in the medical community with whom they can work to educate, and to foster progress, in the recognition and treatment of neurosurgical conditions.

Dr. Arno Fried and Dr. Frank Ciminello made an informative presentation and held a subsequent discussion with a packed room of their peers. They covered “The Latest in Care and Treatment of Affected Children with Pediatric Craniofacial Anomalies and Plagiocephaly.”

Dr. Fried reviewed head shape deformities and defined craniosynotosis, particularly related to ICP* a symptom that may occur in all types of craniosynostosis. (ICP is one of Dr. Fried’s areas of specialized research).

He also discussed the most common form, sagittal synostosis (both open and endoscopic surgical repairs were reviewed), and metopic synostosis. ANA has an extensive craniosynostosis program partnered with Dr. Frank Ciminello. A patient testimonial featuring Alexander Suarez-Inclan and his father Joseph was included in Dr. Fried’s presentation. Alexander’s full success story can be viewed here.

Dr. Arno H. Fried (right) and Dr. Frank Ciminello (left) flank the ANA staff.

Dr. Arno H. Fried (right) and Dr. Frank Ciminello (left) flank the ANA staff.

Guest speaker Dr. Frank Ciminello’s presentation focused on “Understanding the Infant Skull: Craniosynostosis.” He explained that craniosynotosis occurs in one in 1800-2200 births. He discussed varying types of craniosynotosis and their relevant procedures.

As Dr. Fried did, he also discussed ICP in craniosynotosis, stating that 42% of multiple suture cases had ICP problems, and that the surgical procedure for the condition alleviated the ICP. The extensive ‘before & after’ photos were quite dramatic.

In summary, Dr. Ciminelleo reviewed the important points: early diagnosis, early intervention, and a multidisciplinary approach.

A group of distinguished medical professionals were dinner guests at the ANA Morristown lecture and discussion

Distinguished medical professionals werre dinner guests at the ANA Morristown lecture and discussion

The event concluded with the introduction of ANA and Dr. Ciminello’s combined forces to produce a Craniofacial Specialists of New Jersey, a craniofacial program operating in the Morris County and surrounding areas location right across the street from Morristown Medical Center at 95 Madison Avenue and availed twice monthly for consultations.

The practice features experienced pediatric neurosurgeons and a craniofacial plastic surgeon that features no helmet company present on-site. With a state-of-the-art newly created space, it is specially designed for children and family comfort.

*Intracranial pressure (ICP) is the pressure inside the skull and thus in the brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The body has various mechanisms by which it keeps the ICP stable.