Dr. Mostafa El Khashab Featured Contributor “Multiple Sclerosis for the Non-Neurologist”

Multiple sclerosis book coverAdvanced Neurosurgery Associates is pleased to announce that Dr. Mostafa El Khashab is a featured contributor in the book “Multiple Sclerosis for the Non-Neurologist.”

Dr. El Khashab’s chapter, ‘Neurosurgery,’ adds to his extensive list of publications. This list includes chapters in well-respected peer-reviewed journals and books in the field of neurosciences. 

The study and treatment of multiple sclerosis management is rapidly evolving. Due to the unpredictability of the disease, new discoveries including best practices and methodologies are constantly coming to light.

This makes the responsibility of staying up-to-date challenging not only for neurologists, but especially healthcare providers who care for MS patients and families on a daily basis. 

Multiple Sclerosis for the Non-Neurologist” is a strong resource that offers the most relevant information for physicians and all those who care for patients who suffer from MS.

Featuring contributions from nearly 75 medical professionals, including Dr. El Khashab, with a deep understanding of MS, the book contains valuable information including possible drug interactions, potential risks to modifying therapies, and monitoring requirements for patients with MS.