The Gift of Childhood – Victoria Vega

For Victoria Vega and her family, there was a definitive “before & after.” Before, said her mother, Laura, in a YouTube video, “we had a normal life.” But when Victoria was five years old, she had her first epileptic seizure.


By the time her seizures became regular and uncontrollable, as well as resistant to medication, her mother knew that “the best solution for her daughter was to have cerebral surgery.” That’s when Victoria and her family came encountered Dr. Arno Fried, who did Victoria’s surgery. Today, Victoria is a healthy 11-year-old.


Laura explains in the video below that it is hard to think of one’s daughter getting brain surgery; “the first feeling is terror,” as she explains. But the doctors gave her confidence. She was told me something about Victoria’s surgery that helped a lot. ‘We’re going to treat her as if she were our own daughter.’”


“La Niña Milagro” (The Miracle Girl)

Following this comment, Laura says, “that was the last time I saw her convulsing.” Despite the end of the seizures however, there was a period following the surgery that Victoria had to recover. “She lost feeling in her left side and needed a walker. We were told that her recovery would be six months until she could walk normally.


But when she walked into the doctor’s office seven weeks following the surgery, he was in disbelief. “He began to call her The Miracle Girl–“La Nina Milagro”, as she explains. Laura concludes by recommending her daughter’s caretakers for their sincerity and compassion. “I say from the bottom of my heart, you can go to them and find what you need.”


Watch the video in Spanish.


Viviendo una vida normal después de la cirugía de la epilepsia: La historia de “La Niña Milagro.”



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