Our Patients Speak Volumes

Caring for our patients is a privilege and responsibility we take to heart.

Bella’s Seizure-Free Success Story


Dr. Anro Fried mapped Bella’s seizures and brain function during a preliminary surgery. A second surgery eliminated all seizures and removed a benign brain tumor. Listen to Bella’s full recovery story.

Arianna’s Emergency Brain Surgery


Arianna complained of just a headache after a soccer game, but a couple hours later, Arianna was airlifted and Dr. Fried was performing emergency brain surgery. Today, thanks to the team at Advanced Neurosurgery Associates, Arianna is fully recovered. Arianna’s mother, Gina, share her success story.

Stephanie’s Successful End to Epilepsy


Life finally changed for Stephanie when Dr. Arno Fried successfully performed a life-altering surgical procedure to end Stephanie’s 26-year battle with epilepsy.

Craniofacial Surgery Provides a Normal Life—With All of Its Joys!


Joseph shares the story of Alexander’s craniosynostosis and his young son’s surgery with Dr. Arno Fried. “It was definitely a roller-coaster ride,” admits Joseph Suarez-Inclan, father of 5 1/2 -year-old Alexander. “But four years later, he’s a happy child.” .

Amanda Breem: Life After ANA


Six years after her successful surgery for hydrocephalus with ANA and Dr. Fried, Amanda has been motivated to pay it forward and help those in need by speaking out.


Watch Amanda Breem’s Journey with Hydrocephalus

brain tumor testimonial gabriella

Heather Fiorentino

Heather, mother of Gabriella, shares the story of how her 3 year-old daughter overcame a JPA brain tumor and MRSA. Read more.


Hailie Mussinan

At just 3 years old, an MRI revealed that Hailie had a brain tumor and hydrocephalus. With the help of ANA, Hailie is now pain free and ready to start school. Read more.

Lenn Brown

Lenn Brown

Lenn was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma at age 13. Today, he is attending the school of his dreams, Syracuse, as a rising sophomore and continues playing basketball. Read more.

stephanie conklin epilepsy seizure free

Stephanie Conklin

After spending nearly her entire life suffering from epileptic seizures, Stephanie is celebrating her 5th year Anniversary of being Seizure-Free. Read more.