Hydrocephalus Recovery & Rehabilitation


Our Vigilance With Patients is Ongoing.


We educate our patients to become vigilant for any signs of malfunction. Statistics show that an estimated 50% of shunts fail within two years, and 20–50% of ETVs close up within five years.


Infection may be less common, but does occur. In the case of any problem or malfunction, the sooner care is sought, the better the chance of a successful outcome.


Prompt and effective treatment of hydrocephalus, on which we pride ourselves at ANA, is the determining factor in long-term prognosis. As we explain to those with hydrocephalus and their families, this condition can obviously affect physical, as well as cognitive development.


Our goal at ANA is to utilize our team approach for patients to benefit from educational and rehabilitation services that supplement our treatment. Our compassionate and conscientious team ensures that we guide and support patients and their families through the entire process.


Life with Hydrocephalus

Hear from one of our patients about recovering from hydrocephalus after meeting Dr. Arno Fried.